Chlorpromazine Alternatives

Chlorpromazine Alternatives

Alternative to Meds Center is an expert in providing Chlorpromazine alternatives help for individuals searching for answers other than staying dependent on Chlorpromazine.

Chlorpromazine ( Thorazine ), is an antipsychotic prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. While antipsychotics are not known as addictive, Chlorpromazine dependence is a likely scenario after long-term use. The brain and body need time to recover and adjust while stopping this medication. While users of this medication may wish to discontinue use, doing so without professional help is usually very challenging.

Like other psycho-pharmaceuticals, Chlorpromazine addresses symptoms rather than underlying causes. Individuals taking Chlorpromazine often reach a point where their medication no longer provides relief as it did in the beginning, due to dependence, tolerance, and troublesome side effects.

Medication may not be the answer. If Chlorpromazine side effects arise or if this medication is not effectively treating your symptoms, sustainable alternatives to Chlorpromazine are available. Individuals typically begin treatment with this drug after experiencing a psychotic episode, or when other types of medication haven’t worked. Antipsychotics often appear to be working initially only to end up being intolerable with long-term use. These medications commonly cause feelings of disconnectedness, difficulty with setting goals, and trouble feeling a sense of reward. Chlorpromazine users may feel that these drawbacks are more manageable than suffering from withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center makes the process of discontinuing this medication and transitioning into natural Chlorpromazine alternatives treatment simple and comfortable.

What are the alternatives? Psychotherapy and holistic therapies are among several natural mental health treatment options. Therapy is a vital part of truly healing the source of symptoms, getting to the bottom of emotional distress, and healing past traumas. Alternative to Meds Center’s licensed medical professionals offer multiple levels and types of individual and group therapy. We use lab testing to see the root causes of physical and emotional symptoms, toxicity is typically a main contributor.

Our medical professionals are fully equipped to safely guide a comfortable Chlorpromazine reduction. We utilize carefully planned tapering schedules and techniques, use natural substances and supplements to balance the neurochemistry, and clear neurotoxins that contribute to the symptoms which resulted in being medicated. We provide amino acid therapies, sauna therapy, chelation, personal training, peer support, nutritional therapies, yoga, massage, and multiple other Chlorpromazine alternatives to prevent and alleviate anticipated withdrawal effects. We limit sugar, caffeine, and processed foods while implementing customized supplement and vitamin regimens to provide physical and emotional comfort and relief. Call and learn more about our Chlorpromazine alternatives help program.

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