Abilify Addiction

Abilify Addiction

Amongst other problems that have been related to this drug, Abilify addiction can develop before you realize it, often stemming from physical dependence that commonly results from long term antipsychotic use.

Once dependent, withdrawal symptoms can also become an issue. At Alternative to Meds Center we provide Abilify addiction help to make the journey of coming off this medication surprisingly mild. We are positive of other answers existing besides taking psychiatric meds for the rest of your life. Do you wish to see yourself, or your loved living life in a different and better way that you know is achievable?

Abilify dependence appears to be one of the possible long-term side effects from treatment with this medication. However, Abilify, the brand name for Aripiprazole is said to be not likely abused and is not supposed to be addictive. If that were so, then why do people experience extreme Aripiprazole withdrawal when they miss a dose of the drug or stop taking it?

The answer is that the brain and body can become dependent on antipsychotics to function properly after the drug been consumed on a regular basis for a longer period of time (2-3 months or more). In other words, the brain and body develop Abilify dependence. Long-term use of this drug eventually leads to both mental and physical dependency and subsequently addiction to the antipsychotic. This also eventually results in users needing some form of Abilify addiction treatment.

Like other addictions to illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, or prescription drugs that are known to be addictive such as opiates (Morphine, Hydrocodone, Percocet), and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan); Abilify antipsychotic addiction requires you to take the drug everyday to maintain wellness and you do not feel normal without taking the drug. Many addictions are a matter of maintenance instead of constantly getting “high”, addicted individuals often take just enough of the drug they are addicted to in order to feel normal, function properly, and avoid Abilify withdrawal. Some people may notice their dependency to the drug but continue to take it to maintain functionality and avoid antipsychotic withdraw. Once it has been consumed on a regular basis, Abilify effects start to change the chemicals in the brain instead of the brain performing these functions on its own. The antipsychotic is making the user feel good rather than the person feeling good naturally. Then, if the drug is stopped, aripiprazole withdrawal symptoms are likely to follow.

Individuals who think they may need Abilify rehab should know that there are many effective and non-addictive options for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions for Abilify alternatives . The first step in overcoming addiction is seeking Abilify addiction help. Help is available to anyone who seeks it; recovering from antipsychotic dependency alone can be much more difficult than going through this process with proper guidance. Individuals can find help from doctors, counselors, therapists, holistic treatments, Abilify rehab, detoxification and many other types of recovery options in our drug addiction treatment center. Individuals medicated with these drugs often feel incapable of functioning in life as they wish to, have a hard time setting goals, and perceiving reward.

For some, such side effects are considered better than visits to the hospital or not being able to sleep if the individual has insomnia, and they keep taking the drug. Accumulated neurotoxicity, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal factors, blood sugar issues, and lack of emotional support are often contributing factors to an individual’s symptoms, which may have caused the initial need for Abilify addiction treatment. Our rehab medication withdrawal center is a residential immersion into a naturopathic experience whereby a person can identify the cause of the symptoms and work toward correction. This then allows them to safely withdrawal from the antipsychotic and be in a supportive environment.

At our drug addiction and medication withdrawal center, we use lab testing to find causes of the original symptoms, usually finding toxicity to be the issue. We use supplements known as beneficial for individuals in this situation, and restrict sugar, processed food, and caffeine. Our program’s aim is to stabilize neurochemistry through using natural substances, detoxify from neurotoxins, and use IV amino treatment, nutritional therapy, support from peers, exercise, yoga, personal training, massage, and other natural therapies to address antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms. When the individual is stable and sedated, the medication can be reduced. We invite you to give us a call and talk with us, so you can get a concept of the Abilify addiction help that is available.

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