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how to get off pristiq

Pristiq Withdrawal

About Pristiq Withdrawal

In research studies, it has been shown that a significant percentage of individuals experience Pristiq withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking it. Pristiq is an SNRI (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant drug approved for the treatment of depression. Like other SNRI’s, this SNRI can cause varying levels of SNRI withdrawal symptoms when users of the medication stop taking it. These symptoms of withdrawal are sometimes referred to as antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. The symptoms of Pristiq discontinuation most commonly include headaches, insomnia, and nausea, among others. (1) When a person is considering discontinuation of this medication, it is important to make contact with a healthcare provider for Pristiq withdrawal treatment to relieve symptoms of withdrawal.

Stopping Pristiq to avoid side effects

Reducing Pristiq side effects of antidepressant withdrawal often consists of slowly decreasing the dosage under medical care over a period of weeks, or sometimes even months. Based on research studies, Pristiq withdrawal symptoms that have been commonly reported can include: headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances and insomnia, nausea, unusual sweating, and many others. These symptoms are often more severe when a person discontinues this antidepressant after long term use. They are also usually less severe when the dose is decreased slowly over time, instead of being stopped abruptly. Therefore, if you want to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal, it is highly recommended to make this process easier on yourself and seek competent Pristiq withdrawal help.

Pristiq Withdrawal Treatment Options

Treatment options for SNRI withdrawal involve a slow dosage reduction, and can also include other treatments such as counseling to help individuals make it through withdrawal smoothly. In addition, a person may experience a return of their original depression, which can be more intensified during Pristiq withdrawal, unless addressed. Depression can be managed in much more natural ways that do not cause withdrawal symptoms, side effects, or risks of dependency. These are often the very reasons why a person may desire to undergo Pristiq discontinuation. This drug can cause side effects such as seizures, worsening of glaucoma, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. It may also not be safe to take this medication during pregnancy. Our drug rehab program can help you or your loved one address these problems, and effectively overcome them.

Are some people prescribed Pristiq unnecessarily?

pristiq withdrawal

People are commonly given antidepressant drugs before any research has been done to ident why they may be depressed. Are they actually only low-serotonin and no other reasons for their depression exist? What about a low thyroid problem? Or an accumulative build-up in the person’s body of neurotoxins from the environment such as heavy metals which ruin the energy metabolism? Or allergies to food whereby there is internal swelling that slows metabolism can also be an issue. The individual could have a diet which is lacking nutrients so badly that they can’t generate what is required for brain health. And then maybe they are just immersed within a lifestyle that is unsatisfying, and they need a supportive surrounding to make positive life changes. Most people are given this drug or other antidepressants after an event that is emotionally traumatic, but years later are still taking the drug and suffer from withdrawal and other Pristiq side effects. There are other, better ways to address these issues. (2)

Safe and Gradual Pristiq Withdrawal at the Alternative to Meds Center

The Pristiq withdrawal help provided by our drug treatment program can help you to get your life back and be medication free. The Alternative to Meds Center drug rehab is a place that discovers what medical reasons may be causing a person to feel depressed. Our Pristiq withdrawal treatment program employs methods of: lab testing, neurochemistry stabilization with natural substances, removal of accumulated environmental neurotoxins, careful medical withdrawal techniques, targeted nutritional therapy, amino therapy, peer support, personal training, exercise, yoga, massage therapy, and many other holistic therapies that will help to combat depression, and soften withdrawal symptoms. We invite your call, so we can talk and you can get more details about the wealth of Pristiq withdrawal help which is available at the Alternative to Meds Center.

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