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how to get off celexa

Celexa Withdrawal

About Celexa withdrawal

Never attempt abrupt Celexa withdrawal. Potential withdrawal symptoms that one may experience can be extremely harsh, especially if Celexa cessation is not properly administered. Celexa withdrawal can cause suicidal thoughts, electric “zaps”, akathisia, increased anxiety and restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, pain in joints or muscles, feeling hostile or aggressive, mental confusion or inability to focus or concentrate, loss of memory, sleep disturbances and vivid dreams, loss of appetite and many others. How long symptoms can last will vary for each person. The type and intensity of symptoms vary as well and can be greatly lessened through methods of medication tapering like the Alternative to Meds Center provides. Ours is a scientifically-based approach to treating depression.

What is Celexa?

Celexa belongs to a family of antidepressant medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ( SSRIs ), which are notoriously known for harsh “SSRI withdrawal syndrome” when discontinued. The use of Celexa should not be abruptly stopped. Slowly reducing the medication with professional help will make it much less likely for withdrawal symptoms to be experienced. If you are thinking about discontinuing the use of this antidepressant, or if you have already encountered withdrawal problems from this drug; it may be time to seek Celexa withdrawal help. You don’t have to deal with depression or Celexa withdrawal problems any longer.

Can withdrawal from Celexa be overcome?

Withdrawal can be made entirely tolerable through acquiring adequate help and support. Besides slowly tapering the drug out of your system, which should only be done with the advice of a medical professional, many individuals find it beneficial to use nutrients and other natural supplements to reduce withdrawal. In addition to understanding antidepressant withdrawal symptoms, it is also important to look at the underlying reasons that may have led an individual to this place, to begin with. Our SSRI discontinuation program offers techniques of Celexa withdrawal treatment which greatly help to abate withdrawal side effects. This, in combination with finding out the reasons why the person was depressed initially, can offer success and medication-free happiness that is long-lasting. Through easing your Celexa withdrawal symptoms you can focus your attention on creating a vibrant, satisfying, medication-free life.

What can be done to lessen Celexa withdrawal effects?

Comprehensive methods of body detoxification and Celexa withdrawal treatment are highly recommended to ease and soften Celexa withdrawal. Some of the basic suggestions to help get through withdrawal from Celexa comfortably include drinking plenty of water, exercise (biking, walking, running, swimming, etc.), meditation, yoga or Pilates, talking with a counselor or therapist (very helpful during this time), eating a healthy diet regularly, and avoiding alcohol or other things that may be bad for your body. The alternative to Meds Center provides personalized treatment to meet individual needs so that each person can move at their own pace while quitting Celexa. Are you ready to have your life back?

What does Celexa do to the body and mind?

celexa withdrawal

Although a person may not be deficient in serotonin to start out with, using this medication can easily produce a serotonin deficit. Serotonin is inhibitory, meaning it inhibits the stimulus from our environments, and also reduces thinking and behavior that is compulsive. Serotonin also produces sleep neurohormones. When an individual is experiencing symptoms from stopping Celexa, they will likely encounter symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety, and overstimulation. This happens because of the now real deficiency in Serotonin. In our SSRI withdrawal program, we address and correct these deficits by administering targeted nutrients and oral supplements that were designed for actually creating serotonin. (3) Are you ready for unmatched help?

Conquer depression and withdrawal.

We are offering scientific resolutions for mental health issues. (3) So many individuals are put on antidepressant medications before any adequate amount of investigation has been done to identify what may be the original cause of their depression. At Alternative to Meds Center, we focus on discovering the medical causes why an individual may be depressed, feel anxious or have trouble sleeping. Our Celexa withdrawal help program uses lab tests, neurochemistry stability using natural substances, detoxification to remove accumulated environmental neurotoxins, amino treatment, nutritional therapy, medication withdrawal techniques, peer support, yoga, personal exercise training, massage and many more holistic therapies to address depression and anticipated symptoms of Celexa withdrawal.

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