Zoloft Side Effects

Zoloft Side Effects

Alternative to Meds Center medication rehab has been able to provide thousands of clients the most correct, most effective techniques to end the misery of the antidepressant Zoloft side effects.

There are many people who struggle with Zoloft side effects, and many people who wish to end treatment with this medication due to adverse effects. Zoloft withdrawal will often arise when ending use of this medication and others like it. We know that there must be better answers than spending the rest of life medicated with antidepressants.

What Are the Side Effects From Zoloft?

Side effects for Zoloft can be severe, and many people desperately wish to end treatment with this medication due to these adverse discomforts. Yet, side effects of Zoloft then combine with withdrawal symptoms, which can also be severe. We know that there must be better answers than spending the rest of life medicated and suffering with antidepressants.

In clinical research trials and studies, participants most commonly reported these side effects of Zoloft: nausea (30%), insomnia (28%), and diarrhea (24%). All of the various side effects for Zoloft can widely range in type and severity with some causing extreme pain. And, some side effects to Zoloft can be very intrusive into the antidepressant user's daily life. For example, users commonly report Zoloft side effects like sexual dysfunction (19%), dizziness (17%), fatigue (16%), indigestion (13%), tremor and shakiness (11%), and many more.

Zoloft - Side Effects Reported in Long Term Use ?

There are dozens of long term side effects Zoloft can cause. Each person may experience a different side effect or set of side effects. Drug makers have studied this drug through many clinical trials. In such trials the side effects Zoloft caused in individuals in one group are documented and then compared with a separate group of people who were not taking the drug. This method aims to identify information concerning the side effects of Zoloft, such as type of effect, frequency and severity, and so on, by comparing the results of each group.

Some long term side effects Zoloft links to in studies done are: chest palpitations, suicidal thoughts, behaviors, or attempts and hallucinations. Other side effects to Zoloft consumption are: dry mouth, drowsiness, indigestion, loss of appetite, decreased sex drive, migraine headache, tingling and burning sensations, excessive sweating, stomach pain, nervousness, constipation, and many more.

Zoloft - Side effects in Young Adults and Children

Zoloft causes side effects in young adults and children that are generally similar to the side effects caused in adults taking the medication. However, some effects are proven to occur more commonly in children and young adults including suicidal thoughts, and suicide attempts. For this reason, the FDA requires a black box warning regarding the side effect of suicide risk and suicidal ideation, relating especially to users under the age of 25.

Zoloft side effects caused to this under 25 age group also include fever, loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence), inflammation or sinus infection, bloody nose, hyperactivity, purple or red discolorations of the skin (purpura), and aggressiveness. Any side effect experienced while taking this anti-depression drug should be reported to the prescribing doctor because Zoloft side effects can be life threatening.

Zoloft - Side Effects to Beware of Include Allergic Reactions and Serotonin Syndrome

Some of the most serious side effects Zoloft causes include a condition that is called "serotonin syndrome." Serotonin syndrome causes serious and life-threatening symptoms such as coma, irregular heart rhythm, rapid heart rate, chest palpitations, hallucinations, blood pressure changes, and seizures.

Signs of an allergic reaction to this antidepressant drug include hives, unexplained itchiness, swelling, and rash; difficulty swallowing or breathing, and wheezing. Doctors should inform their patients of these risks before prescribing Zoloft, due to their severity.

Other rarely occurring but potentially serious side effects for Zoloft include inflammation or irritation of the nasal passage (rhinitis), glaucoma, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), impotence, hair loss, high blood pressure, flushing, acne, diverticulitis, muscle pain, and menstrual problems. While this medication was supposed to help the patient, sometimes medication causes more symptoms and side effects than can be tolerated. If these antidepressant side effects are overwhelming your life, talk to us about treatment for stopping Zoloft safely.

A doctor usually prescribes an anti-depression drug before any investigative effort to find why this individual is depressed or why their other symptoms are happening. For instance, was a low thyroid checked? What if the person has collected environmental neurotoxins? For example, have heavy toxic metals been tested for, knowing they can cause great damage to energy metabolism? Or food allergies which can cause internal swelling that slows metabolism - could they also be a contributing factor to depression?

For most individuals, antidepressants are prescribed during a time that is emotionally difficult. But, years after, they are still taking the medication but are now also suffering the long term side effects Zoloft causes. Yet simply stopping the medication can result in even further problems caused by Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. This is a trap for many people that requires specialized help.

Our cessation program focuses on discovering the real medical causes of depression. Our program methods include lab tests, stabilizing neurochemistry using natural substances, removing collected environmental toxins, careful Zoloft dosage tapering techniques, nutritional therapies including IV amino acid treatment, peer support, massage therapy, yoga, exercise and many other holistic therapies to combat depression and provide relief from medication-related issues.

We invite you to call and talk with us at the Alternative to Meds Center, so you can discover the wealth of help available to you right now for treating depression naturally, as well as repairing the damage from Zoloft side effects.

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