Antidepressant Withdrawal

Antidepressant Withdrawal

Many facilities increase people’s medications, offer minimal counseling and provide poor diets. Our program specializes in withdrawing people from antidepressants in a relaxing, luxurious, retreat-like setting.

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People are often put on an antidepressant before any substantial investigative effort is made as to why they are depressed or unable to sleep. Are they really low on serotonin and that’s the only reason why? What about low thyroid? What about the accumulation of environmental neurotoxins such as heavy metals that destroy energy metabolism?

Allergies to food, whereby internal swelling slows metabolism can also be a factor. An individual may have a diet that is so poor in nutrients that they cannot create what is needed for brain health. Most people start taking medications after an emotionally traumatic experience and then several years later they are still taking the medication and struggling with withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to stop taking their medication.

Many antidepressant users are bothered by side effects and may attempt to discontinue their medication without professional help.

However, getting off antidepressants at home is rarely ever a pleasant experience. We often forget that our brain is subject to the same repercussions from a poor diet that our body would suffer from. Then again, perhaps the person may just be immersed in an unfulfilling life, and needs a supportive environment to make healthy changes.

Why does a person experience antidepressant withdrawal symptoms?

antidepressant withdrawal symptoms

Even if the person was not serotonin deficient in the first place, medication can potentially create a serotonin deficiency. The SSRIs and SNRI's do not create serotonin, they block the reuptake. The serotonin is meant to be reuptaken, so the nerve cell can use it again. It is a conservative process. When serotonin is forced to stay out in the nerve space (synapse), it degrades into its metabolites and then there is no serotonin left to reuptake. It is similar to how Cocaine only combats depression for a short time. Cocaine spends all the dopamine, it does not create it. Dopamine is the reward neurochemical and when a person first takes cocaine, everything is rewarding. At some point, however, all of the dopamine is exhausted and nothing holds value or reward for the person. Serotonin is inhibitory and inhibits stimulus from our environment. It also reduces compulsive behavior and thinking and creates sleep neurohormones. When a person is in withdrawal they are likely to suffer over-stimulation, anxiety, sleeplessness, brain zaps and even OCD and Tourette’s like symptoms. This is because of the now very real serotonin deficiency.

This way we can provide customized diet and nutrition as well as offer individual and group counseling. Medical professionals design and oversee personalized treatment protocols for each resident based on their unique biochemistry, medical assessment, and lab test results.

The lab testing we do helps us understand the underlying causes of depression or other symptoms.

How can antidepressant withdrawal syndrome be overcome?

antidepressant withdrawal syndrome

To combat symptoms during antidepressant discontinuation, targeted nutrients and other oral supplements designed to actually create serotonin are employed. We also seek to help remove those poisons that would debilitate the neurochemistry from achieving balance, like pesticides, and chelation of heavy metals. We call this poison removal process neurotoxin removal.

This is combined with figuring out why the person was originally depressed can create a lasting success and being happy and medication free. We also offer many complimentary and holistic healing services that help to make this process as comfortable as possible.

Our medical professionals oversee the personalized treatment plan of each client in a luxury residence facility.

Traditional treatment methods alone are not enough.

Traditional treatment methods alone are not enough.

Alternative to Meds Center determines the medical reasons why a person might be depressed, anxious or unable to sleep. Our program uses lab testing, stabilizes the neurochemistry through use of natural substances like orthomolecular medicine, employs detoxification for accumulated environmental neurotoxins, provides personalized antidepressant withdrawal help, amino acid and other targeted nutritional therapies, peer support, yoga, massage therapies, personal exercise training, counseling, life coaching, and holistic therapies to combat depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Alternative to Meds Center does much more than alleviate withdrawal, we search for and correct the underlying causes of depression.

Antidepressant withdrawal responds extremely well to our methods, and can usually be accomplished within our 8 week program. If the medication is still somewhat effective for the individual and it is the withdrawal process which is problematic, targeted nutritional treatment will have a significantly positive effect in most situations. If the individual is no longer responding well to the medication, it is probable that neurochemical bankruptcy and toxic impairment is occurring, which is repairable in most cases.

The methods we employ allow individuals to get off antidepressants, expedite the process of medication withdrawal, and alleviate the majority of withdrawal effects. With corrective techniques targeted at the cause of depression, antidepressant discontinuation and sustained stability is not just a possibility, it is a reality. Many staff members at Alternative to Meds Center have had similar experiences, where with proper treatments they have been able to overcome and reach a place of genuine understanding. If you or someone you care about is not receiving adequate relief from antidepressants, call Alternative to Meds Center and get the guidance you have been waiting to hear.

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