Wellbutrin Addiction

Wellbutrin Addiction

At the Alternative to Meds Center drug addiction treatment facility, we offer Wellbutrin addiction help that allows individuals to be free of this medication and its serious side effects, such as Wellbutrin withdrawal.

We know there are much better answers than struggling with Wellbutrin addiction symptoms. The path to forming problems with Wellbutrin addiction symptoms is just like any other addiction to a drug, legal or illegal, once you have been taking a drug everyday for an extended period of time; your body and mind naturally become dependent upon it. An antidepressant used mainly for treating depression and smoking cessation; Wellbutrin is believed to restore chemical balance within the brain through acting on the dopamine and norepinephrine receptors and decreasing neurotransmitters that control muscles from the central nervous system. When consumed every day, this is what the drug does every day; maintains balance in the brain through acting on both norepinephrine and dopamine receptors.

The problem is that the drug is doing this for the body rather than the body doing it on its own, the body gets used to this; so the body and mind eventually rely on the consumption of the drug in order to function properly. This is why when a dose of this drug is missed or forgotten; users report experiences of Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. After the body and the mind have adjusted to the effects of the drug, if it is taken away from the body; the body and brain don’t know what to do because the drug has been doing what the brain should have been doing by itself naturally. With Wellbutrin addiction depression, the drug may take away depressive symptoms on the surface, so then if it is not consumed; depressive symptoms return usually in a worsened state.

This drug is not supposed to be addictive and doesn’t have a high risk of Wellbutrin abuse; however it is clear that if you are relying on a drug to make you happy everyday and make your depression go away, you may be dependent upon the drug to do these things for you rather than having to do them yourself. Many people do not realize that they need Wellbutrin addiction treatment until they run out of their prescription and miss a dose or simply forget to take their dose for the day; then suddenly they start to feel sick; mostly flu-like symptoms at first and a resurgence of depression. Antidepressants do not cure depression, they only help take depression away or relieve symptoms of depression while the drug is being consumed. If you stop taking the drug, you likely will be back right where you started. However, with Wellbutrin addiction recovery help, withdrawal symptoms are significantly lessened and the drug can be comfortable discontinued.

Most people are also not aware that they may need Wellbutrin antidepressant addiction help, as this drug is supposed to make things better and it is medicine prescribed by a doctor. In the long run, use of this medication almost never makes things any better for anyone unless they take it every day for the rest of their life and even then, there are endless health risks and Wellbutrin side effects associated with this medication, not to mention addiction problems. Many people eventually stop taking this drug for one reason or another, some people start to realize how dependent they are on it to make them feel good and they want to end their antidepressant addiction.

This is where Wellbutrin addiction recovery comes in; withdrawing from this drug could be one of the best choices you ever make. Once you remove the medication from your system, you can begin working on yourself, understanding why you were on this drug in the first place, ident the underlying causes for your depression, and learn all of the skills and tools you need to maintain mental health at all times. Prescription drugs are not needed to maintain mental health and alleviate depression; this can be done naturally through alternative treatments and education. Realizing the reality of Wellbutrin abuse is the first step in realizing you may need Wellbutrin addiction treatment. Just because this drug is prescribed by a medical doctor does not mean that it is not addictive.

Low levels of Serotonin are the frequent blame for what causes depression. However, even if a person is not at all Serotonin deficient to begin with, use of the drug can cause a true Serotonin deficit to develop. It is a similar process to how Cocaine use will only alleviate depression temporarily. When someone first consumes cocaine, everything is going to feel and seem rewarding. This is because Cocaine spends all and any available Dopamine; the reward neurochemical. At some point though, Cocaine use will exhaust all the Dopamine and then nothing will hold value or reward to the person. Our Serotonin is inhibitory, it helps inhibit environmental stimulus and decreases compulsive behaviors, and also produces the neurohormones that are needed for sleep.

When a person is struggling with addiction to an antidepressant, or withdrawal from one, it is because there is likely now have a true Serotonin deficiency. At our drug rehab, we search for the underlying causes of why a person is depressed. To fight depression while the drug is withdrawn from the system, we employ targeted IV amino therapy and supplements designed to help produce Serotonin. Our program also uses lab tests, natural substances to stabilize the neurochemistry, cessation from environmentally accumulated toxins, support from peers, yoga, exercise, massage therapy, and other therapies equipped to fight off depression and provide comforting drug addiction treatment. We invite you to call so you can talk to us and achieve an understanding of the different types of Wellbutrin addiction help which are available.

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