Remeron Addiction

Remeron Addiction

We know that there are better answers out there for solving problems besides taking Remeron and developing problems with Remeron addiction or dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

Remeron dependence may not be as heard of as say, Heroin opiate addiction. However, this addiction seems to be just as commonly occurring, yields just as troublesome side effects as other drug addictions, and often requires Remeron addiction help to overcome. This medication is usually prescribed for depression, anxiousness, or for insomnia.

This specific antidepressant may cause an individual to feel overly drowsy upon consumption, and this medication can significantly help to induce sleep. Some individuals may become addicted to these feelings of which the drug is producing. Some may not be aware of their dependence to this medication. Whether the person is actively seeking to abuse the medication or the individual is unknowingly forming an addiction to regular use of the medication; long term use is incredibly likely to eventually cause the user to form a dependence and tolerance to this drug.

Even though it is an antidepressant, since it produces effects of sleepiness, drowsiness, relaxation or even sedation; Remeron dependence has serious risks associated with it. First of all, some persons may take this drug without a prescription for it. Some individuals prescribed or not, take this medication in combination with other intoxicating substances such as alcohol or other drugs. Taking this medication without being prescribed to it by a medical doctor is dangerous for many reasons: this medication can have serious interactions with other drugs, it can cause overdose if taken in excess, produce severe side effects, adverse or allergic reactions, and many other problems which the user may not be aware of because they were not given the medication by a doctor.

Taking this medication in combination with other drugs or alcohol presents extreme dangers as well, including overdose and severe drug interactions, which can be fatal. Remeron is metabolized in the liver by CYP enzymes. CYP enzymes are enzymes which are majorly involved in metabolism of drugs, and because many drugs can decrease or increase certain CYP activity, this is one major cause of adverse interactions between drugs. For example, when the first drug limits CYP metabolism of the second drug, the second can accumulate in the body to levels that are toxic, potentially causing overdose. Abusing this medication can be dangerous in several different ways, and though many people may want to stop using this drug, they are often afraid of suffering Remeron antidepressant addiction withdrawal symptoms.

However, withdrawing from this medication is safe, simple, and tolerable as long as one has proper Remeron addiction help. Remeron withdrawal may be a very difficult monster to manage on your own, as this can be a very challenging medication to stop taking without medical guidance. Whether you have a prescription for this medication or not, or have been abusing it, medical providers will not judge or refuse you treatment. The safest way to withdrawal from this addiction is in an inpatient Remeron rehab center with a protocol of hydration, supplementation and vitamins. Persons are usually put on antidepressant drugs before there have been any significant efforts to investigate why they may be depressed or suffering from lack of sleep. For many persons, it is after or during an event that is emotionally traumatic that they start using these medications. But years later they are still on the drug suffering with antidepressant addiction and withdrawal.

We are a drug treatment facility that is dedicated to discovering the medical reasons why an individual could be depressed, feeling anxious, or having trouble sleeping. Our Remeron alernatives rehab protocol includes lab testing, natural substances for stabilization of the neurochemistry, methods of body cleansing to remove accumulated environmental toxins, medications withdrawal techniques, targeted nutrition therapy, IV amino therapy, peer support, personal exercise training, yoga, massage and other natural therapies that address depression. Please call us at the number on this page and find out an idea of the Remeron addiction help that we offer.

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