Prozac Withdrawal

Prozac Withdrawal

The Alternative to Meds Center has been fortunate enough to identify techniques of Prozac withdrawal help which make this process simpler, and greatly lessen withdrawal problems. There are many people who, for many different reasons, experience Prozac withdrawal symptoms.

Many individuals do not realize that their body may become dependent on this medication, and when the time comes for stopping Prozac; Prozac withdrawal symptoms are very likely to emerge. Antidepressant withdrawal does not appear to be one of the Prozac side effects that are generally discussed when a person is given a new prescription for this medication and it is usually not a problem until the user of the drug decides to stop taking it or their doctor decides to switch them to another medication.

Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and like the other drugs of its class, is prescribed for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, and other mental conditions and disorders. It seems as though individuals who take this drug are basically in two different categories, some will take it for a short-period of time and some will take it for a very long period of time or a lifetime. Those who take it for a lifetime may essentially never have to confront or experience the symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal as long as they are constantly increasing their Prozac dosage. This is not an effective way of avoiding Prozac medication withdrawal.

On the other hand though, the people who may take this drug for a short period of time to deal with symptoms of depression or anxiety will most likely have to deal with and confront the withdrawal symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation. Many individuals may suddenly decide on their own to stop taking their medication without talking to the doctor first. This generally produces very unpleasant effects and the end result may include an array of withdrawal symptoms and can make individuals think that their depression is reoccurring. Suddenly making the decision that you are stopping Prozac is okay but acting on it is not a smart idea until you have a confirmed Prozac withdrawal treatment plan with a doctor.

It can be easy to mistake symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal for the symptoms that this drug was initially prescribed to keep under control. It may seem like withdrawal symptoms when the symptoms actually are signs of depression or anxiety returning. This reiterates the extreme importance of having medical guidance during withdrawal; common symptoms include burning sensations, agitation, Prozac withdrawal headache, fatigue, insomnia, tiredness, Prozac withdrawal dizziness, worsened depression, anxiety, confusion, and irritability. Never stop Prozac cold turkey without professional help from a medical doctor will recommend an appropriate tapering schedule, unique for each person, depending on various factors such as dosage and length of time the person has been taking this medication.

Slowly reducing the daily dosage of the medication will lessen Prozac withdrawal time, greatly minimize the chance of withdrawal symptoms and allow the individual in withdrawal to comfortably complete the process. Prozac medication discontinuation can be an important step on the path to recovery from depression, and the withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing use of this drug may be efficiently managed with the care of medical professional.

Most individuals who are on an antidepressant were given the medication during an emotionally traumatic time, but years later they still take the antidepressant and struggle with symptoms of withdrawal when trying to get off of it. Let’s look at the reasons why a person experiences antidepressant withdrawal. Even though a person may not be Serotonin deficient before taking this medication, use of an antidepressant can cause a Serotonin deficiency to develop.

Serotonin, an inhibitory aspect of our brains, inhibits stimulation from the environment, creates the neurohormones for sleep, and also helps to lessen compulsiveness. When an individual is in antidepressant withdrawal, they may likely struggle with over stimulation, sleeplessness, anxiety and even symptoms of OCD or Tourette’s. This occurs because there now truly is a deficit in Serotonin.

Alternative to Meds Center uncovers the underlying reasons of why a person may be depressed. To combat depression while the antidepressant is withdrawn, IV targeted nutrients and supplements specifically used to actually create more Serotonin are used. Our program also includes cessation of accumulated neurotoxins, stabilization of neurochemistry with substances that are natural, massage, yoga, exercise, peer support, and other therapies that are created for Prozac withdrawal treatment. You are invited to call us, so we can talk, and you can find out about what is able to be done to offer Prozac withdrawal help to you, or someone you love.

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