Prozac Side Effects

Prozac Side Effects

Prozak side effects and risks may outweigh any perceived benefits of taking this antidepressant (SSRI) drug for the long term.

Doctors have prescribed this FDA-approved drug for over 30 years. Prozak even made on to the World Health Organization's "List of Essential Medicines". According to the manufacturer's literature on the drug it can help with PTSD, major depression, panic attacks, premenstrual irritability, anxiety, insomnia, bulimia, obesity, alcohol dependence, OCD, unwanted thoughts, decreases suicidality in those over 65, and many other remarkable claims.

The Most Important Fact About SSRI Drugs and Prozak

Possibly due to creative, clever marketing, and a lack of interest to look more in-depth by some, drug companies continue to make these claims without limit. However, many physicians and health workers have voiced concerns over the accuracy of such advertising claims. An oft-overlooked fact is that studies and clinical trials done in the 1990's, repeated in 2008, 2009 and 2012, all failed to show any significant difference in improvements between antidepressant drugs (SSRI's) and placebo.

But the other equally telling side of that is that while placebos can demonstrably give a person a psychological "lift" out of their depression, or provide other forms of "placebo relief", such do not mimic the side effects of the drug. Documents show that Prozac and other SSRI drugs link to every school shooting on record, where the shooters were taking or had been on SSRI drugs.

Here are some of the most common Prozak side effects: (% given if known)

  • under the age of 25, Prozak doubled the risk of suicide
  • over the age of 25 increased suicidality
  • hostility, rage, aggressiveness, impulsivity (common, from 1-10%)
  • akathisia. an unrelenting compulsion to be continually moving, rocking, pacing, marching, etc. (common, 1-10%)
  • hypomania, mania, euphoria, disinhibition, grandiosity, decreased need for sleep. (common, 1-10%)
  • in pregnant mothers, birth defects esp. of the heart (individual studies can present statistics per type of defect)
  • anxiety (15%)
  • agitation (common, 1-10%)
  • irritation (common, 1-10%)
  • tremors (13%)
  • panic attacks (% unknown)
  • loss of libido (11%)
  • insomnia (33%)
  • loss of appetite, anorexia (17%)
  • headache (21%)
  • nausea (29%)
  • diarrhea (18%)
  • asthenia, weakness, abnormal loss of strength (21%)
  • memory loss, amnesia. (common 1-10%)
  • hyperkinesia, muscle spasms, uncontrolled muscle motions. (common 1-10%)
  • paresthesia/sensory disturbance, i.e., sudden tingling or prickling feeling, cooling or warming of the skin, itching, etc. (common 1-10%)
  • dysgeusia, literally "bad taste" in the mouth, altered taste perceptions. (common, 1-10%)
  • dizziness (11%)
  • tremors (common, 1-10%)

There are three problems with Prozak

1. All SSRI type drugs have side effects, as listed above and more thoroughly in studies done elsewhere.

2. Discontinuing the medication causes a new set of symptoms referred to as withdrawal symptoms.

3. The person taking SSRI drugs was seeking help with initial symptoms. No SSRI drug cures anything. They will return, but more pronounced than before the prescription. SSRI drugs inevitably deplete serotonin and other hormones and neurotransmitters in the body, brain, and central nervous system.

Get Help Now

You can get help with these SSRI related problems. First, investigative testing can help to determine workable and effective drug-free treatments to gain improvements in the initial symptoms which preceded the prescription to Prozak. The withdrawals from a drug like Prozac can be debilitating, nearly impossible to deal with unless under close medical and clinical assistance. We offer a gentle, safe and comfortable taper program to minimize these drug withdrawals. Our program helps the client return to drug-free living, freed from addictive biochemistry in the body.

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