Provigil Withdrawal

Provigil Withdrawal

At Alternative to Meds Center, we are aware of the other alternatives that exist besides remaining on Provigil for a lifetime and dealing with medication related problems such as Provigil withdrawal symptoms.

Provigil is primarily prescribed to help produce wakefulness; it is a central nervous system stimulant which can create feelings of euphoria, and can encourage users to abuse it to achieve the “high” it produces. Along with the potential dangers of Provigil abuse and dependence, Provigil side effects of withdrawal are also possible problems that are likely to emerge when use of the medication is stopped. Since this withdrawal has the potential to be quite serious, it is important to seek rehabilitating medical attention if you are using this drug more than prescribed, for non-medical purposes, or if you want to withdrawal from it.

Provigil® is also known as Modafinil and specifically approved for the treatment of excessive sleeping associated with: Narcolepsy, Sleep apnea, and SWSD (shift work sleep disorder), a problem in individuals who work late night shifts or frequently change back and forth between night and day work shifts. This medication is considered to be a controlled substance, meaning that is has a potential for Provigil abuse. Naturally, any substance that you can become addicted to physically and/or psychologically, can also yield withdrawal symptoms when it is removed from the person’s system. Moreover, this medication does not cure narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder. Thus, when use is discontinued, symptoms of these conditions are likely to return; and in much worsened states.

There is research on abuse of Provigil, which in animal studies, propose that this drug can be abused. In animal research studies, monkeys that had been previously accustomed to administering cocaine to themselves also self-administered Provigil when they were given the chance. This indicates that this drug is “reinforcing”, which means it provides effects or feelings that persuade its repeated use. Prior to the approval of a medication, there are special studies done to identify if there is an indication that the drug has a potential of being abused. Because animal studies suggest that it does have abuse potential, this drug also was studied in humans with histories of drug abuse. The results of this study showed that Provigil created effects (including euphoria) similar to Ritalin® (methylphenidate), a frequently abused stimulant. Moreover, in order to effectively lessen or avoid bother Provigil side effects of withdrawal, one should seek Provigil withdrawal help.

Why do symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal occur from stopping Provigil? Serotonin deficiency (a frequently blamed cause of depression) even if not present before taking antidepressant medications can develop from taking them. These medications do not create Serotonin, but they block it from reuptake. It is meant for reuptake, so the Serotonin can be reused by the nerve cell. This is a conservative process.

However, if the Serotonin is kept in the nerve space (synapse), it is corrupted into metabolites, and there is then no more Serotonin left for reuptake. This is all very similar to the way Cocaine only temporarily relieves feeling of depression. Cocaine uses up all of the Dopamine, which is the reward neurochemical, Cocaine does not create it. Everything seems rewarding when a person first takes Cocaine. But at some point, all the Dopamine is gone and then nothing holds any value to the person.

When a person is experiencing Provigil withdrawal symptoms, they are likely going to experience antidepressant withdrawal symptoms such as over stimulation, sleeplessness, anxiety, and even Tourette’s and OCD like symptoms. This is sometimes because of a now truly occurring Serotonin deficit. To remedy this while stopping Provigil, the Alternative to Meds Center rehab employs targeted IV nutrients along with other oral supplements created specifically to restore Serotonin and combat withdrawal.

Our program discovers the medical reasons why an individual may be suffering from physical or mental health conditions. Our drug treatment program also includes lab testing, use of natural substances to stabilize neurochemistry, medication withdrawal methods, detoxification of accumulated toxins, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, yoga, personal exercise training, peer support, and other healing therapies to protect against uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. We provide comprehensive plans for Provigil withdrawal help. You are invited to give us a call and talk anytime, and find out about the Provigil withdrawal help that our drug treatment facility has available.

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