Lexapro Alternatives

Lexapro Alternatives

Alternative to Meds Center has identified Lexapro substitutes that are much better alternative solutions than being medicated for the rest of your life on antidepressant drugs.

Users of the antidepressant Lexapro commonly seek out Lexapro alternatives to help eliminate the many associated problems with this medication. This medication belongs to the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and is prescribed to treat depression (major depression or clinical depression) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Alternative to Lexapro options are often sought after when Lexapro side effects become too bothersome or if the medication is not adequately controlling the symptoms it is being used to treat. Among the alternatives to Lexapro are other medications, therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and many alternative therapies and alternative treatment modalities. Other medications that may be recommended as traditional Lexapro antidepressant alternatives such as other antidepressants or antipsychotic medications are very likely to cause any or all of the same problems as Lexapro.

Counseling, psychotherapy, talk therapy, life coaching and other forms of therapy greatly help people with depression or GAD who are seeking natural Lexapro alternatives. Therapy can be all that it takes to maintain depression for some people; many forms of psychotherapy including short term therapy (10-20 weeks) allows patients to gain insight and resolve their depression through verbal exchange. The therapist will often assign homework to work on between sessions. Behavioral therapists focus on helping patients to learn how they can obtain more satisfaction from their own actions and how they can unlearn behavioral patterns that are contributing to or resulting from their depression.

Several different types of therapy have proven to be effective in confronting and overcoming severe depressive and anxious symptoms as antidepressant alternatives. Out of all the different therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and psychodynamic therapy have been claimed the most effective and helpful. Each type of these therapies focuses on addressing different expressions of depressive problems. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is aimed at helping the patient to develop skills and coping mechanisms, as well as rid destructive and negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Interpersonal therapy focuses on maintaining healthy relationships and establishing a system of support. Psychodynamic therapy looks at the real underlying cause(s) of anxiety or depression, such as traumatizing events, repressed emotions or social problems.

Creating a successful Lexapro alternative medicine treatment plan may consist of more than one therapy. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy in combination with another therapy may be even more effective. Eliminating things that contribute to depression is also a good place to start, getting ample sleep every night is important, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, being physically active, and avoiding drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and other toxins. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and certain food can contribute to depression and other mental disorders. Nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to depression. Other Lexapro options include holistic and alternative medicine. There are some powerful natural remedies out there for depression which may be used in place of pharmaceutical prescription medications. St. John’s Wort, Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, Vitamin B6, 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), valerian, and SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) are some of the most common alternative medicines used as natural Lexapro alternatives help.

Acupuncture is another commonly used, and very effective, alternative for depression. Acupuncture relieves pain, physically and emotionally, a weekly acupuncture treatment would be sure to relieve stress, tension and depression. Acupuncture and acupressure use direct pressure points that tap into the inner workings of your body; the acupuncturist uses the outside surface of the body to heal deep within. Massage therapy is a complementary alternative worth trying; many people get a weekly massage to maintain stress, tension and depression. Meditation and yoga are two healing therapies that can be practiced at home and meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime as a quick alternative relief for depression. Alternative treatments will always pay off in the end as this medication does not cure depression while counseling and other alternatives to Lexapro allow constant growth and progress towards the desired level of mental health until it is reached.

Individuals are often given Lexapro and other antidepressants prior to there being any investigation into why they are suffering from depression. Is the individual really only low on Serotonin and there are no other factors contributing to depression? What about a collection of environmental neurotoxins that destroy energy metabolism? What about food allergies in which internal swelling causes a slow metabolism? A low thyroid can also be a factor. Even in the common instance of an individual not ever being Serotonin in the first place, the medication can cause a deficit in Serotonin to develop. The SSRI meds block reuptake of Serotonin, and Serotonin is supposed for reuptake to be used again by the nerve cell. When Serotonin is forced into the synapse (nerve space); it degrades and then no Serotonin is left.

When a person stops taking the drug they will encounter Lexapro withdrawal, and likely suffer symptoms of anxiousness, sleeplessness, and over stimulation or even Tourette’s like and OCD symptoms. This occurs because now there really is a Serotonin deficit. treatment at Alternative to Meds Center aims to discover any medical reasons of why an individual may be depressed. Our Rehab , AZ program also includes lab testing, stabilization of neurochemistry through use of natural substances, use of supplements that actually help create Serotonin, careful withdrawal techniques, targeted nutritional treatments such as IV amino therapy, yoga, massage, peer support, personal training, cessation of environmentally accumulated toxins, and many other therapies for combating depression. We invite you to give us a call and talk, so you can get an understanding of the resources for Lexapro alternatives help that is available.

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