Fluoxetine Withdrawal

Fluoxetine Withdrawal

We know that there are different answers than a life of taking Fluoextine and fearing Fluoxetine withdrawal symptoms. You can get off Fluoxetine and achieve optimal health naturally.

Fluoxetine and Withdrawal

Fluoxetine, brand name Prozac, is prescribed for a variety of mental conditions, which include: depression, panic disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bulimia. If you are discontinuing use of Fluoxetine it is recommended that this process be supervised by a medical healthcare professional that can provide Fluoxetine withdrawal help. The cornerstone of a smooth antidepressant withdrawal is a slow reduction of the dosage. This allows the body time to adapt to the removal of antidepressant drug. Under medical supervision, if you do experience withdrawal side effects, such as insomnia, lethargy, headache, confusion, anxiety, or irritability, your medical provider may adjust the dosage as needed. Do you want to quit taking Fluoxetine? We can help you with proven solutions

What is Fluoxetine Withdrawal?

Prozac ( fluoxetine ) withdrawal symptoms are generally similar to those of other SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), unpleasant, bothersome, and hard to endure alone. Therefore, individuals taking this antidepressant should always consult a prescription medication rehabilitation center or doctor before attempting to get off their medication. Fluoxetine side effects of withdrawal typically fall into three categories of effects, behavioral, physical, and mental. While antidepressant withdrawal itself is difficult, there are other challenges, such as residual withdrawal effects that can last several weeks, months, sometimes years, and a reoccurrence of the condition which the antidepressant was prescribed to control. However, having the right support can help anyone to overcome these challenges. Our rehab center uses careful Fluoxetine tapering methods, cognitive behavioral therapy and 24/7 care, and searches for what the causes of the original mental health symptoms were. Don’t let Fluoxetine affect your life.

What can happen during Fluoxetine Withdrawal?

There may be noticeable changes in a person’s behaviors when they are stopping Fluoxetine. Emotional lability often occurs. This is when an individual in antidepressant withdrawal exhibits more intense emotional reactions than appropriate to certain situations. For example, hysterically sobbing over a commercial on television or laughing uncontrollably because of a situation which isn’t particularly funny can occur when an individual is suffering emotional labality. A mildly manic state called hypomania marked by talkativeness, energy, restlessness and productivity, can also occur. The Prozac withdrawal symptoms mentioned above are some of the most common behavioral effects reported. People in this situation usually require professional Fluoxetine withdrawal treatment to get through this process safely, comfortably and soundly. You can end your struggle with depression and Fluoxetine withdrawal right now.

Possible Fluoxetine Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical effects may also occur when discontinuing use of this medication, especially without medical help. These effects include vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness, headache, nausea, insomnia, chills, abdominal cramping, and an increase in dreaming. In cases that are more severe, breathing problems, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, diarrhea, shaking or trembling, muscle pain, increased sweating, vision changes, unusual tiredness, unusual weakness, and vomiting can also present. The mental effects include many potential symptoms, such as a general feeling of unease or distress, often referred to as dysphoria or a dysphoric mood. Confusion, anxiety, agitation, irritability are also possible mental Fluoxetine side effects of withdrawal. By relieving your withdrawal, you can give your energy to creating a medication and depression free life.

How to overcome withdrawal and fight depression.

Persons are too often given antidepressant drugs before there has been any investigative effort put forth to discover what is causing their depression, anxiety, or inability to sleep. For most persons, these drugs are given to them during an emotionally difficult time, and then years later they still take the medication and experience withdrawal when they try to stop. Alternative to Meds Center discovers what the possible medical causes are for an individual’s depression, anxiousness, or insomnia. Our Fluoxetine withdrawal help program uses natural substances that stabilize neurochemistry, lab testing, tapering, removal of neurotoxins environmentally accumulated, medication withdrawal methods, targeted nutritional therapies, IV amino acid therapies, peer support, personal exercise training, massage, yoga, and other therapies to combat the effects of quitting Fluoxetine and symptoms of depression. There is real help within your reach right now.

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