Elavil Alternatives

Elavil Alternatives

At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide customized Elavil alternatives which can be much better resolutions than continuing to take this medication and struggle with its side effects.

Elavil, which is known also as amitriptyline, is approved by the FDA for depression, but produces a consistent side effect of tiredness or drowsiness, so physicians often prescribe it to chronic sufferers of pain to help them sleep; leaving much room for uncertainty and a need for higher awareness of Elavil alternative medicine for both depression and pain. When an individual is wracked with pain chronically, especially when burning pain and insomnia is involved, doctors try to alleviate this pain by giving prescriptions for drugs such as amitriptyline or neurontin. The issue with these drugs is that they are not addressing the underlying reasons that cause the condition. In our Elavil alternatives help program, we work to address the underlying reasons for symptoms.

The drug may make an individual feel somewhat better for the moment, but the underlying problem continues. In addition, individuals on this medication may feel a little better when it comes to their pain or depression, but often reiterate that they feel “dull” in their head and aren’t as spontaneous as before. People feel ecstatic when they find an antidepressant alternatives therapy or combination of amitriptyline alternatives that work for them effectively, naturally, without side effects or risks of dependence. Individuals who have been given this antidepressant for chronic pain and an inability to sleep can’t get to sleep because of their pain. Regardless of what the cause of the pain is, the traumatized or injured tissue that is causing it should be repaired. A natural Elavil replacement may be able to address pain, sleeping problems, or depression much more efficiently.

The best Elavil alternative medicine is figuring out what is causing the condition, rather than trying to cover up the pain with prescription drugs. The therapies and treatments that are most effective usually are consisted of comprehensive natural medicine. Getting off of this medication can be done comfortably with the help of a rehab or cessation center which can successfully help individuals to wean off of their dosage. This process generally involves going through previous medical history and finding out with the individual the exact structure needed to be repaired in order for the person to be pain (and drug) free. The Elavil alternatives help provided by our treatment program customizes alternative treatment plans for each person’s different needs.

For the individual seeking amitripyline alternatives, there are options available to get off this drug. Most individuals realize that they do not want to be on drugs like that for extended periods of time, and that it isn’t in their best interest of health. Natural antidepressant alternatives such as acupuncture and massage for pain, and yoga, meditation, and counseling for depression offer some of the best Elavil substitutes. Once the pain or the depression is gone, the insomnia or other associated symptoms are gone too. Natural therapies are always in your best health interest, as they are always of benefit. Prescription medications, in contrast are not always in your best health interest, and not always of benefit. Generally, after a first few therapy sessions consisting of antidepressant alternatives, the individual already is feeling better. A natural therapy can’t hurt you, but prescription medications can.

The Alternative to Meds Center program focuses on discovering the medical reasons why an individual is depressed, in pain or unable to sleep. Antidepressants are usually prescribed to a person before there has been any adequate effort put into finding out why they are depressed or unable to sleep. Are they really suffering from a low serotonin level and there are no other reasons? What about a thyroid that is low functioning? What about accrued environmental neurotoxins like heavy metal toxins that can destroy energy metabolism? What if the person has food allergies whereby internal swelling slows metabolism? All of those things can be a factor. Or the person could have a diet that is so poor in nutrition that they are not able to create what they need for brain health.

Often, we forget that the brain is subject to the same problems from a deprived diet that the body would suffer from. Our treatment program includes targeted nutritional therapy, peer support, stabilizing the neurochemistry with natural substances, medication withdrawal methods, and cessation of accumulated neurotoxins, massage therapy, yoga, exercise, personal training, and many other therapies specified to combat depression, anxiousness and insomnia.

We are lucky enough that we find new success every single day. We celebrate the accomplishments of our participants each week at our graduation ceremonies. Their friends and family members are present, who are included in the average of 50 attendees we have at each celebration. We have heard truly mind blowing stories at the graduations, in which people have sometimes retold years of extreme and illogical suffering, spoken with simple clarity that is just unbelievable. For us, this is our inspiration, to see this with the awareness that our participants have everything they may need to sustain their life in positive, healthy ways and to continue being a symbol of encouragement to other people. We encourage you to call us anytime so we can talk, and so you can find out about the Elavil alternatives help available.

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