Antidepressant Alternatives

Antidepressant Alternatives

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we know that there are effective antidepressant alternatives which are better than remaining on medication for a lifetime.

Antidepressant users, who struggle with adverse effects, ineffectiveness of the medication, or who simply want to treat their mental health naturally; antidepressant alternatives help may be the answer to your problems. Alternative to Meds Center employs intricate techniques of alternative medicine and medication tapering to allow individuals to come off medication comfortably; and transition into an alternative medicine treatment regimen. Do you wish to watch yourself, or a loved one start living the life you know can be possible?

Treatments for anxiety and depression come in many forms, including natural antidepressant alternatives, which offer alternative mental health choices opposed to prescription drugs. Depression can ultimately be cured through healing, changing lifestyle, receiving treatment, and correcting underlying issues. Through antidepressant alternatives treatment, people can get their lives back; no more antidepressant side effects, no more chemical agents, and no more depression. Alternative medicine and alternative to psychiatry approaches do not cover up depressive symptoms with drugs; alternative practitioners take their time in finding the right combination of therapies, changes in lifestyle and anything else each different person requires for optimal mental health. The alternative medicine approach focuses on each person uniquely, instead of prescribing the same drug to every depressed patient. Each person who uses medication alternatives practices their own unique set of tailored alternatives for their specific needs. Alternatives can be used in place of medications such as Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor and Paxil. With scientific and complementary approaches, you can get off antidepressants and be healthy.

Alternatives to antidepressants may include acupuncture, controlled breathing techniques, biofeedback, dietary changes, food therapy, vitamin therapy, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, herbal supplements, dietary supplements, exercise, hypnosis, yoga, reflexology, massage therapy, sound therapy, talking therapy, counseling, and other forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. Exercise is one of the most rewarding and easiest practices to get into on a regular basis. Exercise is available in many different forms and is one of the antidepressant alternatives natural therapies. Exercising burns toxins outs of the body, allows good things to flow through the body, reduces stress, relieves stress, and builds confidence among many other positive things. Stress reduction and confidence building are two excellent steps toward effective Zoloft alternatives or other depression alternatives plan.

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that has been used as an effective depression alternatives treatment, acupuncture increases blood flow and inner balance; among many other benefits. Many people’s depression could be attributed to deficiencies, imbalances and blocks within the body and mind. From the surface of the skin, acupuncture allows balance to flow, and blockages to be released within. When imbalances are balanced out and released, improvements are often shown in symptoms of depression. Acupuncture and exercise both boost endorphins, endorphins are the natural feel good chemicals in our bodies, therefore, acupuncture and exercise can have calming and relaxing effects. Acupuncture can relieve and release physical pain and emotional pain. Acupuncture is an excellent anti-depressant alternatives therapy and can be used in Celexa alternatives treatment plans, as well as other antidepressant replacement plans.

Massage therapy and reflexology therapy are incredibly relaxing and healing therapies, massage releases tension and stress, massage is healthy for the body and mind. Biofeedback is another one of the alternatives to antidepressants; this form of treatment naturally, gradually trains brainwave patterns to function healthily and properly which is similar to what prescription drugs are supposed to do chemically. Antidepressant alternatives help is just as effective as or more effective than prescription drugs. Alternative mental health treatments just don’t have any negative or adverse effects. At Alternative to Meds Center, each treatment regimen is entirely unique and customized for every client. We incorporate a comprehensive combination of treatments and different types of medicine.

Nutrition, diet, minerals, vitamins, supplements and herbal medicine can all be crucial parts of an antidepressant alternative treatment plans. Food and/or nutritional deficiencies can significantly attribute to depression, food can be used as medicine; eating healthy and drinking lots of water can make all the difference. Adding things to your diet, like fresh fruit, vegetables, whole foods (whole cereal), protein, seeds and anything else that contains whole protein, can be helpful. Eliminating things from your diet and life, such as processed foods, fast food, caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, stimulants, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring and drugs or alcohol, can be helpful. Release tensions and don’t keep things inside by talking with a counselor at least once a week and exploring all of the fortunately available alternative treatments to antidepressants. Alternative to Meds Center offers counseling and talk therapy options including group counseling, individual talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Antidepressants are not the only treatment options; better alternatives exist.

Most people who have been prescribed to an antidepressant were given these medications before there was any investigative effort put forth to identify what is causing their depression. Does the person have a low Serotonin level and that’s the only cause? What if they have a low functioning thyroid? What if they have accumulated environmental neurotoxins such as toxic heavy metals which damage energy metabolism? What if they have allergies to food whereby internal swelling causes metabolism to slow? Any of these things can be factors. Any of these factors could provide a direction for Celexa alternatives or other anti-depressant alternatives as once the cause of symptoms is identified and under control; the symptoms are under control too. The depressed individual’s diet may be so poorly lacking in nutrients that they are unable to create what is necessary for adequate brain health.

We may often forget that the same insults which our body would receive from a poor diet, our brains are subject to as well. Or maybe the individual is overwhelmed in a life that is unfulfilling and they need a better environment to make changes. Alternative to Meds Center drug rehab is a place that discovers the underlying medical reasons of why a person may be depressed. Our treatment program uses the following methods. Lab testing, orthomolecular medicine, natural substances that stabilize the neurochemistry, cleansing and purification for dislodging of built up environmental neurotoxins, medication withdrawal tapering techniques, IV nutrient treatment and other nutritional treatments, support from peers, yoga, massage, exercise, personal training and healing therapies that are alternative to psychiatry to address depression and offer effective antidepressant alternative treatments.

We find success here daily. Weekly, we hold graduations in celebration of the successes of our participants. Several individuals attend graduations, including family and friends. Amazing tales have been told at these graduations, sometimes recounting many decades of absurd struggling, now talked about with incredible clarity. Seeing this is an inspiration knowing they have all of the tools to keep up their new-found healthy lifestyle and be a symbol of hope for others. You are invited to give us a call at the number listed above and find out about the forms of antidepressant alternatives help that are available.

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