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Norco, a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, is prescribed to treat mild to serious pain. Norco is a narcotic painkiller that is very similar to Vicodin, Lortab, and Lorcet. For many people, Norco use begins subsequently following surgery or physical trauma. For others, often those who have sensitive personalities, opiates are attractive due to their ability to relieve emotional pain. Norco dependence can form effortlessly, which can make it constantly more challenging to alleviate pain without progressively upping the dosage. In addition, when physical Norco dependence is present, it can be considerably hard to stop taking or reduce the medication without the help of a qualified medical professional.

Norco is a very popular painkiller that often creates more problems than benefits,
including side effects such as withdrawal and physical dependence risks

Opiate medications such as Norco imitate endorphins, the natural painkillers. The root of the symptoms that led to taking Norco is typically related to endorphins in one way or another. If someone has an endorphin deficiency, they are likely to experience an acute awareness of other people’s emotion, and this can be painful. If someone with an endorphin deficiency uses an opiate, the often feel more normal than ever before because of the false feeling of endorphins provided by the drug. This fake rush generated by Norco impersonating endorphins leads to a shutdown of the body’s natural endorphin creation system.

We work to understand and correct the
underlying mechanisms that resulted in Norco use

If a person tries getting off Norco, they have a depleted amount of endorphins and so everything seems painful – even sensations of touch or showers. Norco withdrawal may have a very similar reaction with emotions. Since the natural endorphins are exhausted, the individual withdrawing experiences amplified emotional feeling. This can cause opiate withdrawal to be the worst of any withdrawal. However, if Norco is discontinued in the right way, it can be a tolerable experience with a small amount of, or no, discomfort. Using gentle tapering methods, targeted nutrient treatments to promote endorphin production, and an array of other therapies; withdrawal can be exceptionally mild. Through heightening the level of endorphins by employing nutrients, the potential for relapse is lowered substantially. With gradual tapering, almost all withdrawal symptoms are eased.

Our methods can efficiently relieve the
majority of Norco withdrawal symptoms in most cases

We use corrective methods that are aimed at the underpinning causes of symptoms that led to taking Norco, which makes real relief and sustainable balance achievable. We have several members of our staff who have overcome similar experiences in their lives, which allow them to come from a place of true understanding and compassion. If you, or someone you love, wish for another way to address physical and emotional pain, call Alternative to Meds Center to get the support for are searching for.

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