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Lamictal, also known as lamotrigine, is a mood stabilizer and anticonvulsant prescribed primarily for bipolar disorder, psychosis, epilepsy, and seizures. When Lamictal is initially prescribed, it appears effective; but after long term use, the medication is generally not well tolerated. A person who is taking this medication may the following things difficult: discover that perceiving reward, functioning as they would like to, and setting goals. There are many antipsychotic users who deem these medication side effects as better than resurging symptoms and hospital visits; so they stay on the medication. At Alternative to Meds Center, we are offering options other than psychiatric medications.

Lamictal is one of the most frequently prescribed treatments for psychiatric conditions;
however, many individuals might not realize that effectual alternatives are available

Our center is licensed as a Level 2 residential treatment center for behavioral health, right below a hospital which is Level 1. The licensing agency we work with tells us we are the most devoted in Arizona to assisting individuals with reducing and eventually overcoming their need for prescription medication. Many treatment centers provide a small amount of counseling, more medications, and diets that are lacking proper nutrition. Alternative to Meds Center’s field of expertise is to withdraw people from prescription medications in a surrounding that is luxurious, comforting, and retreat-like.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of people with discontinuing
antipsychotics and addressing their symptoms through natural methods

Lamictal withdrawal truly needs to be done with medical guidance. Antipsychotics can cause problems during an at-home withdrawal because of Dopamine receptors being hyper-sensitive. When an individual has been on Lamictal for several years for symptoms that are severe, we might decide to decrease their dose to the lowest level possible in order to support their stability and increase their functioning. Then, over a 6 to 12 month period, the person can continue decreasing their dose in our aftercare program or in their home. Case management, life coaching, counseling and peer support provides the required container for a sustainable alternative to a lifetime of psychiatric drugs.

We discover and aim to correct the potential underlying
imbalances that led a person to being prescribed haloperidol

The treatment techniques we use can substantially alleviate side effects of withdrawal. By employing methods that are targeted at correcting the cause of symptoms, a simple withdrawal and ongoing state of balance is more than a possibility; it’s what we aim for. We have multiple staff members who have been through very similar experiences, and are now able to offer real compassion and understanding to residents.

If you or a loved one is not seeing enough relief from Lamictal,
call the number listed on this page and find the guidance you are waiting for
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