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Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, is a benzodiazepine used to treat panic disorder, anxiety, insomnia, and anxiety related to depression. The effects of benzodiazepines are potently relaxing which many individuals find desirable. However, before Xanax is prescribed, there has commonly been no effort put into unveiling the underlying causes that resulted in anxiety, insomnia, or other symptoms. When an individual has been on Xanax for a long time, the medication can ultimately generate more symptoms than it was prescribed to treat, such as protracted withdrawal.

Xanax is a very commonly prescribed medication with
potent effects and many possibilities for side effects 

The psychiatrist who authored the term ADHD, Leon Eissenberg, confessed on his deathbed in 2012 that ADHD was a fictitious term. The term was coined in 1968, and since then 56 million children have been put on medication to treat this fictitious disease. Often, sugar was pointed to as a cause for hyperactivity symptoms in children however, studies find that food additives, more than sugar, in children and also in adults have been proven conclusively to cause hyperactive behavior. There have been numerous double blind tests on hundreds and hundreds of normal preschool and school aged kids which clearly show this relationship. The term hyperactive along with ADD and ADHD has been touted and thrown around in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades now, as part of a campaign to get youngsters and indeed adults on legal drugs. These legal drugs are not only not helping, they maim and cause a person to suicide. As we know now, these drugs are connected to every single school shooting on record. How could this happen?

Hyperactivity may be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as the
side effects of the medications that are prescribed in traditional treatment

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