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Benzodiazepines are the most common category of prescription medications that Alternative to Meds Center addresses since an unsupported benzodiazepine withdrawal process could be almost impossible. Benzodiazepines are used for lessening anxiety, and promoting sleep. In most instances of chronic anxiety, we find that the person has accumulated neurotoxins including heavy metals that are over-stimulating their nervous system. This is what may have led to initial use of medication. Our methods of benzodiazepine withdrawal help include careful tapering protocols, cleansing of neurotoxins, neurochemical stability, and holistic therapies such as massage, acupuncture, sauna, and counseling. Benzodiazepines are primarily prescribed to relieve anxiety and insomnia. However, after these drugs have been used for a long time, they typically end up causing more side effects than they were targeted to address, such as protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center specializes in relieving benzodiazepine discontinuation syndrome and the protracted symptoms of withdrawal which individuals who taper at home usually face.

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In many cases of chronic anxiousness, we discover that the individual has built up neurotoxins as well as toxic heavy metals which over-stimulate the nervous system. This overstimulation could be what initially led to being prescribed medication. This consistent state of anxiety is typically driven by an underlying neurotoxic burden such as Mercury toxicity, aspartame or pesticides which have to be removed in order for long term relief to occur. Pesticides kill pests by over stimulating the same neurochemicals we share with insects, and a toxic burden of these can do the same to us. Even certain neurological and immunological syndromes can be the result of environmental poisoning. We also provide the counseling necessary to assist in abating the anxiousness that is almost invariably consistent in these individuals.

We work to correct the cause of anxiety so that residents
can be medication-free without continuous symptoms.

What do Benzodiazepines do to the body?
Benzodiazepines make the nerve synapse in the brain more permeable to GABA, and less permeable to Calcium. GABA is the body’s main inhibitory neurotransmitter. GABA dampens the intensity of a nerve impulse. Using a benzodiazepine causes the body to spend the available GABA, and when GABA is gone, everything becomes over-stimulating. Taking GABA as a supplement is usually ineffective as toxicity from the medication or environmental sources often impairs its utilization. We have methods to restore the neurochemistry, and and to facilitate the utilization of such naturally occurring substances such as GABA.

Our methods provide the necessary container to safely
discontinue prescription anxiety medications.

What causes anxiety?
The source of anxiety is often toxins and neurotoxins, which can accumulate in a person’s system over a lifetime. Toxins can produce the effect of an over-stimulated nervous system. An example is pesticides. A pesticide designed to kill an insect, such as a grasshopper, works in the following way: The toxin is absorbed through the exoskeleton, and finds its way to the nervous system. The toxic pesticide causes the acetylcholine channels of the nervous system to remain open, and does not allow these channels to close. Acetylcholine is a stimulating neurotransmitter that will cause the grasshopper to jump. Constant unregulated influx of acetylcholine puts the insect into catatonia and then death. This is how the pesticide kills the pest.

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Accumulations of this toxin in humans’ acts similarly as our nervous systems also use acetylcholine for stimulation. Other toxins including heavy metals, aspartame, MSG mycotoxins from molds and literally thousands of chemicals in hygiene products and processed foods have similar effects. Add to that the increasingly demanding workspace, foundering marriage or other external stressors, and it can be too much. This is where a person is likely at prior to being medicated. These toxins also greatly impact endocrine gland function and can result in hormone imbalances, adrenal burnout and cortisol elevation. These toxins can be safely removed, which is discussed in the neurotoxin removal link on the side bar of the home page.

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problems that are causing your anxiety.

What is acute benzodiazepine withdrawal?
Acute withdrawal is similar to a hangover, yet much worse. Withdrawal is an acute inability for the body to dampen nerve impulses, and every noise, sight, and sensation can be tortuous. The benzodiazepine has used up all the GABA, and when there is none left, the body cannot regulate stimulation. To navigate the area of stopping benzodiazepines, one must choose a careful and slow benzo withdrawal plan that their body can handle. Also, the sudden influx of Calcium can result in increased muscle contraction, and even seizures.

Your neurochemistry can be adjusted naturally so that you can
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What is protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome?
Protracted withdrawal is classically blamed on the drug still leaving the system, or damaged receptors. What is likely being experienced is the same chemical toxicity that may have led to the use of the medication initially, in addition to damaged receptors and drug residues. The residual neurotoxins may still be acting as excitatory-toxins in the person’s neurology. These residual toxins continue to affect neurology until they are removed.

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How can benzodiazepine withdrawal be eased?
Withdrawal from benzodiazepines may present with severe anxiety, protracted withdrawal effects, and even benzodiazepine withdrawal seizures. Benzodiazepines are the most common type of medications that we address, since unsupported discontinuation can be essentially impossible. Our benzodiazepine withdrawal help methods are diverse, but include meticulous tapering techniques, cleansing of neurotoxins that have accrued in the person’s system due to the medication and their environment, and neurochemical support with natural substances. We also provide peer support, massage therapies, acupuncture, meditation, sauna therapy and the benefits of multiple therapies targeted to promote relaxation.

Through benzodiazepine tapering and withdrawal relief,
you can get off benzos and achieve natural mental health.

When discontinuing benzodiazepines, serious anxiety, protracted withdrawal symptoms, and even seizures may present. We are extremely familiar with all of these potentialities and the excruciating problems benzo users face. Our methods are gradual, and the tapering occurs after the person has found some relief from anxiety, is sleeping better, and can endure the withdrawal. Nothing is forced, and the resident participates in the decision making processes. It is most likely not necessary to endure a year-long taper with two years’ worth of ongoing symptoms as is commonly described in various blogs. We invite you to contact us and even connect with others who have been successful in overcoming situations just like yours. Call the number listed on this page for immediate assistance.

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