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We’re aware at Alternative to Meds Center of the possible options for Seroquel alternatives that may provide another solution other than taking Seroquel for a lifetime and suffering from this medication’s side effects. Do you wish that you were able to see yourself or a person you love living the life you know is possible for you or them?

When a person is encountering bothersome Seroquel, AKA Quetiapine, side effects, or when this medication is not providing adequate treatment, Seroquel alternatives help is available, including certain types of counseling or psychotherapy and natural treatments. While counseling by itself usually cannot replace the medication, it is often a vital part of an effective antipsychotic alternative treatment plan. The other alternative Seroquel options besides figuring out the cause of the original symptoms and treating your mental health naturally are treatments with other prescription medications that have side effects very similar to Seroquel side effects. This medication is an atypical or second-generation antipsychotic licensed to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Prescription drugs that are considered to be alternatives to Seroquel include atypical antipsychotics other than Seroquel, typical (first-generation) antipsychotics, and mood stabilizer drugs. Conventional medicine doctors are likely to recommend these drugs first when symptoms are not being adequately controlled by Seroquel. While this is the way conventional medicine often works, through exhausting processes of trial-and-error with different drugs, there is a better way to tackle mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. When this medication is not working, it may be time to consider natural Seroquel alternatives options. Natural therapies are always guaranteed to put you one step closer to reaching your desired state of mental health.

Prescription drugs are not addressing what the underlying problems are. So while you may feel a little relief while you are on the drug, the underlying condition continues and often worsens. The most successful antipsychotic alternatives to Seroquel often include finding the underlying reasons of what the original symptoms are, whether it is a nutritional deficiency, an accumulation of environmental neurotoxins, a poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, or an unsupportive surrounding, and then working to change the circumstances of those underlying reasons. Getting to the bottom of the cause of symptoms, rather than focusing solely on fixing the symptoms with prescription drugs, can create happiness and success that is long lasting drug-free.

Aside from discovering what led the individual to being medicated to begin with, healing methods of Seroquel alternatives help such as acupuncture, counseling, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise can really change the way a person feels. Altering aspects of lifestyle such as making dietary and nutritional changes, which can include eating more high protein foods and eliminating sugar and processed food from your diet, can also make a very obvious difference in the way a person feels. Moreover, several studies favor psychosocial treatments in part of an antipsychotic alternative treatment plan for schizophrenia. These therapies help individuals to deal with certain difficulties associated with schizophrenia such as communication, work, self-care, maintaining healthy relationships, and motivation.

People are usually put on antipsychotic medications when they have gone through a psychotic break, or when other drugs have not worked. The answer for what creates this answer is specifically different for each person, however usually there is excessive Dopamine. Dopamine, the “reward” neurochemical, in excessive amounts will cause everything to be over-stimulating and often causes mania. This can be a result of neurotoxins stimulating the person’s neurology, this may be from toxin exposure, or is often associated to genetic issues related to the way the person clears toxins. A poor diet lacking essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6 or low blood sugar and other food related issues can result in psychotic episodes or psychosis in sensitive individuals. The antipsychotic drug works by targeting to restrict Dopamine, which leaves the person unable to enjoy life’s rewards.

Alternative to Meds Center Sedona rehab employs program methods that are aimed to stabilize the neurochemistry through natural substance use, and cleanse the body of accumulated neurotoxins, our Arizona drug treatment program also includes IV amino acid therapy, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, yoga, personal training in exercise, peer support, and other natural therapies to address Seroquel side effects and other problems related to taking this medication.

Success is being discovered on a daily basis in our Sedona rehab program at Alternative to Meds Center. Graduations are celebrated weekly to honor our participants for their wonderful achievements. We have up to 50 individuals in attendance during graduations, including families and friends of participants. Stories are told throughout these events that are truly remarkable and at times people have shed several years and even decades of struggling, these stories are proudly told now with clarity that can be unbelievable. When we get to see this we are inspired because we know that they are in possession of the necessary skills to be effective in upholding a healthy life and continuing on with being beacon for others. You are encouraged and invited to call us and talk, and find out about the kind of Seroquel alternatives help that is available.

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