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Alternative to Meds Center knows that other answers are available besides continuing a life of being medicated on Lithium and dealing with Lithium withdrawal symptoms or other side effects. Would you like it if you saw yourself or your loved one living the life you are sure is possible? Our rehab program employs Lithium withdrawal help to overcome symptoms and get to the bottom of mental health symptoms.

According to some research studies, Lithium withdrawal syndrome does not exist and a relapse of mania upon discontinuation is not a symptom of withdrawal. This belief is based on how the term “withdrawal” is used in most situations, which is when an individual has become dependent on something, such as nicotine. Upon discontinuing that something, the individual wants to take more of it to suppress withdrawal and experiences symptoms collectively referred to as withdrawal syndrome. With Lithium however, there are indeed many reports of users who encounter withdrawal symptoms as well as a relapse of mania or other mental health symptoms.

A relapse of mania or other related symptoms that are caused from Lithium discontinuation are commonly described as the body’s effort to become adjusted to the nonexistence of Lithium, which the individual’s body has become adapted to. These symptoms, like symptoms of other drug withdrawal, can make a person feel so uncomfortable that they crave the medication in order to feel normal and relieve discomfort. Lithium carbonate is prescribed for the treatment of various psychiatric conditions, including manic depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, hyperactivity disorder and additional conditions, particularly conditions that can cause patients to experience mania. This medication should not be withdrawn from without professional Lithium withdrawal treatment.

Studies have shown that relapse of mania is primarily found in instances where use of this drug was stopped abruptly or during a short time period. Even though patients are not supposed to encounter withdrawal symptoms or long-lasting effects from Lithium discontinuation, patients can experience symptoms of withdrawal and mania. There are other side effects that may arise as well. Antipsychotic side effects can be very bothersome or even dangerous, therefore side effects are sometimes the reasons why a person chooses to, or must, go through antipsychotic withdrawal. Lithium withdrawal effects can be made tolerable and much easier to deal with when there is medical Lithium withdrawal help and supervision all throughout the process, from beginning to end. Our antipsychotic withdrawal treatment program provides 24 hour care that is available from start to finish.

Lithium side effects include tremors (shakiness) in the hands, loss of appetite, lack of coordination or weakness, upset stomach, vomiting or nausea and constipation. This antipsychotic drug may also cause hair to dry or thin out, and cause skin to be itchy. These side effects reportedly may persist for quite some time after the drug is discontinued, as this medication can take many weeks to completely exit the system. This is why it can be very important to make sure you have the right help by your side to guide you through this process. At the Alternative to Meds Center Sedona treatment facility, we employ the following methods to successfully withdrawal from antipsychotic medications:

First, we do lab testing to see what the causes of the original issues may be. Usually, we find toxicity to be our problem. Toxicity may result from environment, or genetics, but we then focus on removal of toxic substances. We restrict sugar, processed foods, and caffeine and use supplements which are specifically beneficial for persons in this situation. Our Lithium withdrawal treatment program aims to stabilize the neurochemistry using natural substances, as well as rid accumulative environmental toxins, targeted nutritional therapies; IV amino treatment, peer support, yoga, massage, personal training, exercise and other natural therapies that will address anticipated symptoms that may arise from Lithium tapering. When the individual feels stable and sedated from these therapies, their medication can be decreased slowly and adjusted if needed.

We feel fortunate because we are locating new successful achievements every day in our Arizona rehab. To celebrate the victories made by participants, we throw graduation ceremonies each week. We have about 50 individuals attend each gathering, including friends and family members of our participants. We hear incredible stories during graduations, sometimes people retell of years where they experienced extreme suffering, with clarity beyond belief. When we see this it is a motivation, knowing that the participants leave here in possession of skills to preserve life in healthy happy manners and continue to be a guiding light for other people. Please call us so we can talk and you may find out an idea of the Lithium withdrawal help available.

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