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At the Alternative to Meds Center, we provide methods of Ativan alternatives that are better solutions than a lifetime of taking benzodiazepines for mental health symptoms. For people who are struggling from anxiety, insomnia or other mental health symptoms and cannot put up with side effects, risks of dependency, or are not responsive to treatment with this drug; Ativan alternatives help could change your life. Alternative to Meds Center provides alternatives to Ativan that allow people to get off anxiety drugs and comfortably transition to using natural, drug free alternatives.

We have helped thousands of individuals overcome mental health problems
such as anxiety with medication alternatives. Call today for a free consultation

Success Story – Viola H.
“Over a lengthy course of 8 years I was taking several different prescription drugs, including Lorazepam ( Ativan ), Zoloft, Citalopram, Effexor and Paxil, but finally they were no longer working for me. I was taking them for my anxiety, and in the beginning, Paxil was effective. Lorazepam helped some, but was not efficient and I became totally hooked. I attempted to get off these medications by myself for a number of months at home, but it was too difficult getting off Lorazepam on my own. We heard about Alternative to Meds Center through the Founder of True Hope, Anthony Stephens. I and my husband went into ATMC where it was found that I had low Serotonin and heavy metal toxicity. After five weeks of being there, I’m feeling much, much better and off all the medications. The staff was so kind to me, they were a huge help in making it through detox, withdrawal, and anxiety. My favorite aspects of this program are group meetings, therapy, and hiking. I would recommend to anyone that they detox and stop taking drugs and prescription medications”.

Do you desire to get off Ativan and treat your mental health more naturally?
But, you are scared of withdrawal, ongoing anxiety, or Ativan cravings?

When presented with symptoms of anxiety, healthcare providers may prescribe Ativan, also called Lorazepam, which belongs to a class of medications named benzodiazepines that are known for potential side effects including addiction, and while these drugs may seem effective at the onset; many users of the drug seek benzodiazepine alternatives for long term relief. For many people, benzodiazepines are not adequate enough to efficiently manage symptoms or cause uncomfortable side effects which sometimes outweigh the positive benefits of the drug. There are several potentially effective Ativan alternatives treatments, with the most successful often being the identification and correction of real underlying causes of symptoms.

We work to discover and correct the underlying causes of the
mental health symptoms which resulted in being medicated

Many individuals with mental health conditions such as anxiety have tried several drugs already without any luck. Individuals seeking alternatives to Ativan may consider Ativan natural alternatives for superior effectiveness and to avoid unwanted side effects. Vital options for Ativan alternatives help include talk therapy, lab testing, supplementation, diet therapy, body detoxification, and healing therapies such as chiropractic work, acupuncture, yoga, swimming, group therapy, and other mood-elevating therapies like massage. Talk therapy can be a particularly essential part of the anti-anxiety alternative equation. Talk therapy is an excellent way to learn the tools needed to manage and prevent anxiety-attacks and symptoms of anxiety; talking out your problems and fears with a talk therapist may improve anxiety. At Alternative to Meds Center, residents have ongoing sessions with professional counselors and also participate in group therapy. 

Complex treatment regimens are individualized for each client’s success

Another part of Ativan alternatives anxiety may include avoiding things that are unhealthy for you, readjusting lifestyle, and evaluating your environment. Symptoms of anxiety can be signs that your body is not getting what it needs; anxiety may also be a result of built-up toxins, nutritional deficits or other underlying causes. Talking with a nutritional therapist or doctor can help individuals who are seeking Ativan natural alternatives to identify underlying causes for their anxiety and correct these causes. Avoiding drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine can make a tremendous difference in Ativan replacement therapy. At Alternative to Meds Center, we often identify an accumulation of neurotoxins over-stimulating the nervous system of individuals with anxiety.

We use holistic, scientific and drug-free approaches to restore stability

We often find toxicity to be what led to use of benzodiazepines in the first place. Removal of toxins is an example of a good place to start at our Ativan alternatives center. Withdrawal from benzos can exhibit intense anxiety, seizures, and protracted withdrawal. This is the most frequent type of medications we address, since discontinuing this medication without Ativan alternatives treatment may be virtually impossible. We employ diverse methods for this specific class of medication, but include carefully planned tapering techniques, an elimination of accumulated neurotoxins that resulted from using the drug or the person’s environment, natural substances for neurochemical support, peer support, and beneficial effects of several therapies created to induce relaxation such as acupuncture, massage, sauna therapy, and meditation.

We can help you stop using Ativan with little discomfort and continue life
without continuous anxiety or the need for prescription medication

Do you ever feel like you have attempted to stop taking Ativan or other benzos and nothing you do helps? Do you feel like your central nervous system has been poisoned by neurotoxins? Since anxiety remains after the drug is gone, with most people, rapid Ativan alternatives help doesn’t eliminate problems.

The scientific approach we employ for discontinuing medication and balancing
brain function has helped thousands become mentally healthy

We’ve worked together with a thousand individuals inside of a 24 hour residential environment, and know this issue well. We graduate former benzo users every week. Friends and family attend, and are surprised that we were able to actually find solutions to the problems, and how the participant gained the knowledge of how to preserve a lifestyle which supports their newfound serenity. Please call to get a better idea of the help we offer in our Ativan alternatives center for someone you love, or yourself. We’re here to help people handle this problem effectively.

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