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We know that better answers are available than taking psychiatric medication for the rest of your life. Many individuals have greatly enhanced their lives with Alternative to Psychiatry Treatments at Alternative to Meds Center.

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Alternative Mental Health and Variants of Alternative to Psychiatry Therapy
Alternative Mental Health is inclusive of all non-prescription medication approaches and alternatives to psychiatric treatment that are used to create and uphold mental health. In many cases, this will involve searching for and discovering the medical causes of a why an individual is suffering, such as adrenal fatigue and burnout, hormone and thyroid abnormalities, infectious diseases, Neurotoxicity and so on. Additional alternatives include finding out if a person has neurotoxins and removing them, Variants of Orthomolecular medicine, nutritional therapy and supplements accustomed to the individual, avoiding allergens, counseling, life coaching and spiritual counseling with collaborating therapists, neurochemical repair, and proper pampering of the body with therapies such as massage, sauna, ionic foot baths, and acupuncture.

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Participants of our Alternative Mental Health programs reside in a residential environment that is noticeably different than sterile clinical surroundings. We serve as an educational center for our participant’s and for the community; we teach people the ability of effectively caring for their own mental health.

Our goal is to teach you how to maintain your health
naturally, without drugs, for the rest of your life.

Orthomolecular Medicine has become a large part of alternative medicine and has expanded into a larger discipline of Psychiatry Alternatives which utilize other techniques besides prescription medications to address mental health. The word “orthomolecular” was invented in 1960 by a Nobel Prize winner and a chemist, Linus Pauling, in order to show the idea of right molecules administered in right amounts. A Canadian Psychiatrist named Abram Hoffer, contemporary to Linus Pauling, recommended and demonstrated how optimal molecular concentrations of substances occurring naturally in the body were vital to maintenance of optimal mental health.

Prescription drugs throw the body and mind
out of balance, we work with scientific methods
and natural substances to create stability.

Our programs include Variants of Alternative to Psychiatry Treatment with the medical oversight of our medical director. Our medical director will assess needs for treatment, run lab tests including a test for Neurotoxicity, and handle all medication and Medication Withdrawal concerns. The programs are designed to the persons exact biochemical needs and are also based on results from toxicity testing and other lab tests. A large portion of our programs are directed with these techniques. When the person’s neurochemistry has been stabilized and their neurotoxins removed, any biochemical drug cravings will be lessened and the symptoms and moods that may have created an initial need for medication will be brought into balance.

Through lab testing, we can determine why a
person was having the symptoms that led
them to take prescription medication.

To offer further support to the process of balancing the neurochemistry, we provide peer support and life coaching, organic meals and whole food, a residential environment in a luxury space, expert Medication Withdrawal methods, acupuncture, life skills, massage, education courses, ionic footbaths, organic meal preparation coaching, weekend outings, personal exercise training, cultural activities, seasonal organic farming and animal caretaking, purified Kangen water, and more. We also provide Psychiatry Alternatives aftercare programs that include paid internship for graduates. Average inpatient residential programs last 8 weeks.

Mental health is a brain that is
well fed and free of chemicals.

We believe that real underlying causes exist for why a person might be struggling with anxiety, loss of passion, depression, or an inability to deal with emotional pain. While we do acknowledge that drugs have their place in treatment, they often do nothing for underlying causes, and cause side effects which render them much less-than-ideal. Our belief is that many mood symptoms and disorders are a result of poor nutrition, or the inability to metabolize high-quality nutrition due to enzymes that are damaged, genes that are mutated and an overload of toxicity. An individual who is in balance should be capable of coping with even a grave heartbreak without their situation turning into a chronic disorder. Our Alternative to Psychiatry approach to achieving this balance is not only with customized programs of cleansing and nutritional therapy but with acupuncture, exercise, supplementation, life coaching, medication tapering and more. We invite you to call us to understand more about the Alternative to Psychiatry Treatments that may be able to help a person you care about, or yourself?

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