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Reduce symptoms and eliminate the need for medication with alternative mental health treatment. Do you suffer with anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swings, ADD, ADHD, addiction, or other mental health problems? You are now on the right website to recieve solutions for these problems. 

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Alternative to Meds Center is a facility for alternative mental health treatment that offers diagnostic lab testing to help you determine the chemical imbalances which may cause mental health problems. We investigate all of the possible medical reasons that may cause a person to be psychotic, depressed, anxious, in emotional pain, or in physical pain, and we treat those problems with the best holistic methods available. We also help people with psychiatric medication withdrawal and address the causes of cravings and addictive biochemistry. We use organic, whole foods and orthomolecular nutrition as medicine. We recognize that in order to create a low toxin lifestyle that supports mental health, it is important to drink purified water, use hygiene products that are void of toxins, and eliminate toxic cleaning products. Through employing an astute medical investigative process, we uncover the reasons why a person may be symptomatic or addicted.

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Testing, Not Guessing
Alternative to Meds Center believes in testing, instead of guessing. Lab tests, including thyroid, hormone, adrenal, allergy, or neurotransmitter testing, can accurately discover the causes of your condition. We will then work with you to create a personalized alternative mental health therapy plan. For example, specifically selected orthomolecular products, brain supplements, and supplements for depression can bring your body chemicals back into balance and help you to start feeling better. Vitamins and supplements can be used as healthy alternatives to prescription medications or to help relieve symptoms of medication withdrawal.

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Alternative to Psychiatry Options
In traditional medicine the common standard of informed consent includes communication about the disposition of the diagnosis, the function of a suggested procedure or treatment, the benefits and risks of the suggested treatment, and communicating with the patient about alternative treatments so that he or she may make an educated, informed decision. Informed consent is a term that is used legally to ensure that patients are aware of all of the costs and risks associated with a treatment.

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In traditional psychiatry, patients are often not informed of psychiatry alternatives, and psychiatrists usually do not conduct detailed medical examinations to make sure that a patient’s problem doesn’t stem from a medical condition which is appearing as a psychiatric condition. Psychiatrists typically do not correctly notify patients of the disposition of their diagnosis, as this would entail notifying the patient that the psychiatric diagnosis is subjective (founded only on behaviors) and has no medical/scientific legitimacy (no brain scans, X-rays, or tests for chemical imbalances to prove that a person has a mental condition).

People are rarely given alternative options
when prescribed medications, however, it’s never
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All patients should undergo a “differential diagnosis”. A differential diagnosis includes the doctor obtaining a detailed medical history and conducting an entire physical exam, ruling out all of the possible problems which might cause a combination of symptoms and explaining all of the potential side effects of suggested treatments.

Through labs and other testing, we can discover
why a person started having the symptoms
that resulted in prescription drug use

There are many alternative mental health treatments and alternative to psychiatry diagnoses, including medical care which does not entail a subjective or stigmatizing label or drugs that are mind-altering.

We combine the most beneficial aspects of medical
care with complementary and alternative treatments.

There are many reasons that may cause an addictive biochemistry or mental health problems such as depression to develop. These reasons may include hormonal problems, altered neurochemistry, toxicity, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases such as parasites, fungal infections including mold, bacterial infections including Lyme, and an extensive variety of additional medical issues.

Underlying medical problems could be the source
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The first organ that is affected by chemical alterations produced by these medical conditions is the brain, and therefore, medical conditions often generate mental symptoms. Rather than treating medical problems with psychiatric medications, we address them as the medical issues that they are. We work to provide personalized plans for removal of specific toxins such as heavy metals and medication/drug residues within a comprehensive environment conducive for alternative to psychiatry therapies.

A healthy body is a healthy brain...
A healthy brain is a healthy body

Our alternative treatment approaches also include finding out which neurotoxins a person may have and removing them, personal counseling, expert medication withdrawal methods, supplements and nutritional therapy adapted specially for each person, life coaching and spirituality, ionic detoxifying footbaths, massage therapy, acupuncture, heavy metal removal, neurochemical repair, and other healing treatments for the body including sauna detoxification. Inpatient clients reside in a residence that is like home which is noticeably different from a sterile clinical atmosphere. We encourage you to give us a call, anytime day or night, to find out more information about the alternative mental health help we can provide for you or your loved one.

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